The Crystalline Ovarian Follicular Hormone

  title={The Crystalline Ovarian Follicular Hormone},
  author={Donald W Maccorquodale and Sidney A. Thayer and Edward Adelbert Doisy},
  journal={Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine},
  pages={1182 - 1182}
Due to the low concentration of estrus-producing material in ovaries, we abandoned their use several years ago in favor of the much cheaper and more concentrated source, namely, the urine of pregnant women and mares. However, with the isolation of so many different estrogenic compounds, it seemed desirable to determine the nature of the active substance in the ovary. Starting last year seriously to work on this problem we soon obtained the hormone in a crystalline condition but owing to the… 

Some Aspects of the Intermediary Metabolism of the Steroid Hormones: Harvey Lecture, October 20, 1938.

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    Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
  • 1939
The authors are at the beginning of a new phase in research upon steroid hormones, a more purely biochemical phase, arising out of and made possible by the achievements of the organic chemists and physiologists during the past decade, the ultimate object of which is the elucidation of the chemical mechanisms involved when these hormones produce their physiological effects in the organs and tissues upon which they act.

Mechanisms of Action of Estrogens

The authors of the present chapter have attempted to summarize the current status of knowledge in the area of estrogen action by noting the first clear-cut demonstration of a highly specific receptor molecule for estrogens was reported in the uterus.

History of Estrogen Research

That an ovarian secretion is necessary for the development and maintenance of both the organs of procreation and the secondary sexual organs, as well as for the change of genitals and breasts during

Adrenal involvement in determining the time of onset of puberty in the rat.

Previous reports indicate an interaction of the adrenals with the pituitary-gonadal axis. In the present study dependence of the time of onset of puberty upon adrenal function was investigated.

Les hormones œstrogènes, de leur découverte à leur synthèse totale

The total synthesis of the doisynolic acids in 1947, which was conducted via sterically uniform ketoesters of the octahydrophenanthrene series, simultaneously cleared the way to the natural œstrone itself (1948) and now all genuine œstrogenes (œstr one, œStradiol,œstriol) are accessible to total synthesis.


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Protein-bound and conjugated estrogens were identified and measured quantitatively in the Texas white-tailed deer in estrus and from six to 23 weeks of pregnancy to lend a contribution to the field of estrogen biochemistry.


This article concludes a series of thirty-two articles on glandular physiology and therapy by various authors, published under the auspices of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry, and will be published in book form.


Embedded ribonucleic acid was extracted by cold phenol method from four brain areas: hypothalamus, amygdala, frontal cortex and cerebellum from female mice taken from female deermice, showing that the ratio of each base was significantly different in all experimental groups.