The Cryogenic target for the G0 experiment at Jefferson Lab

  title={The Cryogenic target for the G0 experiment at Jefferson Lab},
  author={Silviu Doru Covrig and Elizabeth Beise and Roger J. Carr and Kenneth Kurt Gustafsson and L. Hannelius and M.-C. Herda and Chris H. Jones and Jianjun Liu and R. D. Mckeown and Retief Neveling and A. W. Rauf and George van S. Smith},
Abstract A cryogenic horizontal single loop target has been designed, built, tested and operated for the G 0 experiment in Hall C at Jefferson Lab. The target cell is 20 cm long, the loop volume is 6.5 l and the target operates with the cryogenic pump fully immersed in the fluid. The target has been designed to operate at 30 Hz rotational pump speed with either liquid hydrogen or liquid deuterium. The high-power heat exchanger is able to remove 1000 W of heat from the liquid hydrogen, while the… CONTINUE READING


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