The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS)

  title={The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS)},
  author={Andrew Harry Sonnenschein and Daniel Adams Bauer and David O. Caldwell and Daniel E. Hale and Steven Joseph Yellin and P. D. Jr. Barnes and Ashley M. Dasilva and Richard J. Gaitskell and Sunil Ramanlal Golwala and Randy R. Ross and Bernard Sadoulet and Dennis N. Seitz and T. S. Shutt and Guy Smith and William R. Stockwell and Ren{\'e} Therrien and Simon Mathieu White and Paul L. Brink and Benavides Cabrera and Barron Chugg and Roland Michael Clarke and Brian Lynn Dougherty and Andjohn K. Davies and Kent D. Irwin and Suk Woo Nam and Matthew James Penn and Daniel S. Akerib and Thushara A. Perera and Richard W. Schnee and Joel Emes and Eugene E. Haller and William B Knowlton and Alan Reid Smith and Jonathan D. Taylor and Bessie A. Young},

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