The Crusades in Arab School Textbooks

  title={The Crusades in Arab School Textbooks},
  author={Matthias Determann},
  journal={Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations},
  pages={199 - 214}
This article examines the depiction of the Crusades in Arab school textbooks. In the introductory first part, perceptions of the Crusades manifest in Arab historiography are described. In addition, modern political discourses referring to the Crusades among Arab authors, politicians and representatives of political Islam are explained. In the second part, accounts of the Crusades in school textbooks from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are analysed… 
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Education in the humanities is not neutral. Wittingly or unwittingly, it contributes to forming the young generation’s value systems and social attitudes. It has legitimized conflicts between ethnic,


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Avant les croisades, le monde arabe est le dA‚epositaire de la civilisatio n la plus avancA‚ee; aprAes, le centre du monde se dA‚eplace rA‚esolument vers l'Ouest. A. Maalouf porte sur ces deux
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