The Crisis of Religious Identity Among Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel

  title={The Crisis of Religious Identity Among Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel},
  author={David S. Ribner and Ruben Schindler},
  journal={Journal of Black Studies},
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We the Ethiopian Jews have secluded ourselves from gentiles and gentile customs far more than any other Jewish community to avoid dilution of our Jewishness. We have struggled against all odds to preserve our faith and carry out the Torah to the extent of sacrificing our lives. And until reunification with world Jewry, we thought we were the only remaining Jews in the world, yet we continued to be diligent in our observance of the Torah. We demand fairness and equality: one is either a Jew or… 

In between neo-liberalism and religious fundamentalism: Some reflections on contemporary Israel and some of its women

This article provides a framework to understand the ways in which the Israeli state, Jewishness, neo-liberalisation and religionization of the Zionist project have been interwoven historically. This

Developing Young Leadership Within the Ethiopian Immigrant Group in Israel

When over 8000 Ethiopian Jews fled to Israel in 1982 and 1994, whole communities were uprooted from a longstanding traditional way of life. Their abrupt introduction to a Western-style Israeli

Ethiopian Immigration to Israel: The Apparatus of Absorption

ABSTRACT As a country ofingathered exiles, Israel has taken pride in its history of policies and structures designed to ease immigrant absorption. The recent waves of Ethiopian newcomers, however,

Acculturation orientations towards Israeli Arabs and Jewish immigrants in Israel.

  • Richard V BourhisJ. Dayan
  • Psychology, Medicine
    International journal of psychology : Journal international de psychologie
  • 2004
Jewish undergraduates mainly endorsed the integrationism and individualism acculturation orientations towards Jewish immigrants, however, they were more segregationist and exclusionist towards Israeli Arabs than towardsJewish immigrants of Russian and Ethiopian background.

From a Whisper to a Scream: The Politicization of The Ethiopian Community in Israel

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Ethiopia is one of the largest and poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Emigration from Ethiopia began in the mid-1970s with large refugee flows and continues today with skilled migrants seeking

The Hidden Dropout Phenomenon among Immigrant High-School Students

The high school dropout rate among immigrant students has become a serious problem in many places around the world. Hidden dropout or irregular school attendance may be the first stage of school

Art in Action

style, often using organic shapes borrowed from the body or the landscape. As my work began to develop, my style changed, and I started to work with images of social suffering. I began incorporating



Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Au cours des annees 1980, pres de la moitie de la communaute des Falashas - juifs ethiopiens - a immigre en Israel. Aujourd'hui, Beta Israel s'est entierement installee en Israel. Les auteurs