The Crisis of Civic and Political Virtue: Urban History, Urban Life and the New Understanding of the City

  title={The Crisis of Civic and Political Virtue: Urban History, Urban Life and the New Understanding of the City},
  author={Zane L. Miller},
  journal={Reviews in American History},
  pages={361 - 368}
  • Zane L. Miller
  • Published 1 September 1996
  • History
  • Reviews in American History
In the middle of this century, we reached a new understanding of the city that emphasized the importance of individual choices in the past and made the advocacy of lifestyle choices a hallmark of American civilization. This new understanding enriched both urban history and urban life, but yielded some unanticipated and serious consequences, including confusion about the meaning of civic and political virtue and a disrespect for the public interest, both of which intrude on historical work and… 
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