The Creeping Resurgence of the Ukrainian Radical Right? The Case of the Freedom Party

  title={The Creeping Resurgence of the Ukrainian Radical Right? The Case of the Freedom Party},
  author={Anton Shekhovtsov},
  journal={Europe-Asia Studies},
  pages={203 - 228}
Abstract In the context of the rise of radical right-wing parties in most European countries, the enduring absence of a far-right group in the Ukrainian parliament seems paradoxical. However, recent developments, namely the victory of the far-right ‘Freedom’ Party (All-Ukrainian Union ‘Freedom’, Vseukrayins'ke ob”ednannya ‘Svoboda’) in the 2009 Ternopil regional elections seems to attest to the gradual revival of the radical right in Ukraine. The article considers the far-right legacy in… 

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