The Credibility of the Tel Jezreel Excavations: A Rejoinder to Amnon Ben-Tor

  title={The Credibility of the Tel Jezreel Excavations: A Rejoinder to Amnon Ben-Tor},
  author={David Ussishkin},
  journal={Tel Aviv},
  pages={248 - 256}
Tel Jezreel was excavated between 1990-1996 by the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem and the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University under the direction of John Woodhead and myself (Ussishkinand Woodhead 1992; 1994; 1997). The excavations revealed a large, monumental, well-planned fortified enclosure which was in use for a limited period of time during the Iron Age, and which possibly met its end in a wilful destruction. On the basis of the biblical evidence (Williamson 1991… Expand
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Troisieme rapport de fouilles preliminaire concernant le site de Tel Jezreel, en Israel. Ce site fut occupe a partir de l'Âge du Bronze ancien, a l'âge du Fer, a la fin de l'occupation romaine et aExpand
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Clues from the enclosure-fills : Pre-Omride settlement at Tel Jezreel
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