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The Creation Controversy & The Science Classroom

  title={The Creation Controversy \& The Science Classroom},
  author={James William Skehan and Craig E. Nelson},

Understanding by Design unit lesson plans for the next generation science standards: life science

The project that I focused on for my Creative Component is the creation of Understanding by Design (UbD) unit lesson plans that address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the topic of

Selection Perception: Views on the Theory of Evolution Among Residents of Moshi, Tanzania

The theory of evolution is a major tenet of biological science and has many practical applications, particularly in agriculture, medicine, and conservation. Nevertheless, there is significant

Biology Teachers' Professional Development Needs for Teaching Evolution.

IntroductionIn the first six months of 2014, The National Center for Science Education documented anti-evolution legislative bills in South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia, and

Students’ arguments on the science and religion issue: the example of evolutionary theory and Genesis

Treating creationism as a controversial topic within the science and religion issue in the science classroom has been widely discussed in the recent literature. Some researchers have proposed that

What Significance Does Christianity Have for Science Education

In a number of countries, issues to do with religion seem increasingly to be of importance in school science lessons and some other science educational settings, such as museums. This chapter begins

Evolving Minds: Helping Students with Cognitive Dissonance.

Even 150 years after Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, public school teachers still find themselves dealing with student resistance to learning about biological evolution. Some

A Review of Undergraduate Evolution Education in U.S. Universities: Building a Unifying Framework

Despite a considerable amount of scientific evidence, evolution is still a highly controversial issue in American education. This review analyzes studies that investigate the relationship between

Can Educational Research Be Both Rigorous and Relevant

This paper addresses a complex question: Can educational research be both rigorous and relevant? The first eight years of the first decade of the 21 st Century was a time when federal support for