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The Courage To Be Constructivist.

  title={The Courage To Be Constructivist.},
  author={Martin G. Brooks and Jacqueline Grennon Brooks},
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A Composing Ensemble: Creating Collaboratively With High School Instrumentalists
A COMPOSING ENSEMBLE: CREATING COLLABORATIVELY WITH HIGH SCHOOL INSTRUMENTALISTS Yan Carlos Colón León This study was about composing collaboratively. General music classrooms are often creative, funExpand
Classroom Teacher and Adminstrators Perception of the Teacher Librarians' Contribution to Student Academic Achievement
Classroom Teacher and Administrator Perceptions of Teacher-Librarians’ Contributions to Student Academic Achievement by Barbara F. Dowell MA, Texas Woman’s University 2006 BS, Prairie View A&MExpand
OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Student Assessment in Turkey
Flexible Grouping Within Elementary Mathematics
The purpose of this study was to uncover understandings, benefits, and disadvantages to implementing flexible grouping practices in elementary school mathematics instruction. Inquiry questions wereExpand
Kindergarten Teachers’ Orientations to Teacher-Centered and Student-Centered Pedagogies and Their Influence on Their Students’ Understanding of Addition
This study examined the influence of kindergarten teachers’ orientations toward student-centered teaching and their influence on their students’ understanding of addition. The study examined 120Expand
A multiage math handbook
The Effect of Short Story Reading through Constructivist Activities on the Language Development of Primary School Students
Two basic educational orientations have become popular: teacher-centered “instructionism”, and student-centered “constructivism”. Within the framework of constructivist view, learners are encouragedExpand
Perceived Teacher Self-Efficacy in Early Childhood Settings: Differences between Early Childhood and Elementary Education Candidates.
Teacher Self-efficacy in Early Childhood Settings: Differences Between Early Childhood and Elementary Education Candidates by Bradley C. Billheimer This study examined the degree of perceived teacherExpand
Key to Leadership the Nature and Function of Curriculum Theory Leadership in Curriculum Theory Classifying Curriculum Theories Structure-oriented Theories Value-oriented Theories the Major Value-oriented Theorists Content-oriented Theories
73 While curriculum theory is usually esteemed by scholars in the field as an important component of curriculum studies, it seems to be held in low regard by most practitioners, who often dismiss itExpand
A Flashlight and Compass: A Collection of Tools To Promote Instructional Coherence.
A Flashlight and Compass: A Collection of Tools To Promote Instructional Coherence is a collection of tools to promote instructional coherence that can be used for classroom improvement and teacher collaboration. Expand


One Size Fits Few
In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms
This book discusses Constructivist teaching practices in the context of a Constructivist curriculum, as well as some of the principles of constructionism as a whole. Expand