The Counter-Earth

  title={The Counter-Earth},
  author={George Bosworth Burch},
  pages={267 - 294}
  • G. Burch
  • Published 1 January 1954
  • Physics
  • Osiris
In the otherwise intelligible Pythagorean system of cosmology, commonly attributed to PHILOLAUS (I), one feature stands out in glaring unintelligibility. That is the theory that, besides the visible planets, there is another planet, the Counter-Earth (71 avTrX6cwv),which owever moves in such a way that it is always below the horizon and so invisible. At first sight this theory seems to be pure whimsey, more worthy of LEWIS CARROLL (2) than of a philosopher, even a pre-Socratic one. Or is it… 
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In Philolaus’ cosmology, the earth revolves around a central fire along with the other heavenly bodies, including a planet called the counter-earth which orbits below the earth. His theory can
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  • Physics
    Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali
  • 2022
It is argued that the mysterious astronomical system traditionally attributed to Philolaus is in fact the result of a misunderstanding.
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