The Council Communists Between the New Deal and Fascism

  title={The Council Communists Between the New Deal and Fascism},
  author={Gabriella Bonacchi},
  pages={43 - 72}
In recent years, growing interest in the problems of the 1930s has brought to light aspects of the labor movement that had been relegated to oblivion by traditional historiography. This is especially true for the council communists who, in an America upset by the Great Depression, sought to renew a political project that had been crushed in Europe. While there have already been numerous studies of the International Workers of the World (IWW) in the harsh and violent context of American… 

Council Communist Perspectives on the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, 1936–1939

Council Communism is often regarded as a current within the revolutionary Marxist tradition that bears a close resemblance to what some now refer to as ‘class struggle’ anarchism1 and is routinely

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Les theories neo-marxistes, Marx et l'accumulation du capital

  • Les Temps modernes

Ueber einige grundsSitzliche Voraussetzungen fur eine materialistische Diskussion der Krisentheorie (1934)," now in Korsch, Mattick, Pannekoek, op.cit

  • International Council Correspondence
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Here Mattick is critricizing a work by Sidney Hook, Toward the Understanding of Karl Marx

  • The Inevitability of Communism
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Mattick's polemical target is mainly Natalie Moszkowska's Zur Kritik der modemen Krisentheorien

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This critique eventually was fully developed in Mattick's volume

  • Marx and Keynes
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Value Theory and Capital Accumulation

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