The Cost of Torture: Evidence from the Spanish Inquisition

  title={The Cost of Torture: Evidence from the Spanish Inquisition},
  author={Ron E. Hassner},
  journal={Security Studies},
  pages={457 - 492}
Abstract Empirical evidence on contemporary torture is sparse. The archives of the Spanish Inquisition provide a detailed historical source of quantitative and qualitative information about interrogational torture. The inquisition tortured brutally and systematically, willing to torment all who it deemed as withholding evidence. This torture yielded information that was often reliable: witnesses in the torture chamber and witnesses that were not tortured provided corresponding information about… 
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How Torture Fails: Evidence of Misinformation from Torture-Induced Confessions in Iraq

This article examines the testimony of fifty-seven torture victims in Saddam Hussein's Iraq to illustrate the processes by which torture fails to gain true confessions or accurate information.

Civil Liberties and Social Structure

Governments rely on a variety of forms of coercion to aggregate distributed information relevant to governmental objectives from the prosecution of regime stability threats to terrorism or epidemics.



The Myth of the Ticking Bomb

“I have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and I asked them the question ‘Does it work? Does torture work?’ And the answer was, ‘Yes, absolutely.’”

Her testimony is recounted in full in several trials, including "Trial of Beatriz Enrriquez La Payua, Spanish Transcript of Processo," series I, box 8, folder 1, Mexican Inquisition Collection

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    Tortured Subjects

      Certain Techniques that May Be Used in the Interrogation of a High Value al Qaeda Detainee

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