The Correggiosity of Correggio: On the Origin of Berensonian Connoisseurship

  title={The Correggiosity of Correggio: On the Origin of Berensonian Connoisseurship},
  author={Tiffany L. Johnston},
  journal={I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance},
  pages={385 - 425}
IN HIS PREFACE to The Study and Criticism of Italian Art, a collection of journal articles reissued in 1901, Bernard Berenson (1865–1959) explained that although he considered the anthology “juvenalia,” he felt justified in their republication because they were representative of a formative and therefore important period in the evolution of his critical method. His biographer, Ernest Samuels, identified Berenson’s 1893 Nation contribution, “Vasari in Light of Recent Publications,” as his first… 
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