The Copernican Quinquecentennial and Its Predecessors: Historical Insights and National Agendas

  title={The Copernican Quinquecentennial and Its Predecessors: Historical Insights and National Agendas},
  author={Owen Gingerich},
  pages={37 - 60}
Histoire de la Pologne a travers les commemorations successives a la gloire de Copernic et les recuperations politiques et ideologiques de son oeuvre et de son nom partage entre l'Allemagne nazie et la Pologne. 
Les commémorations entre anthropologie des savoirs et histoire au second degré
Les commemorations scientifiques partagent avec les commemorations politiques un certain nombre de fonctions, d’usages et de pratiques. La fin des annees 1980 et le debut des annees 1990 ont ete unExpand
In the Service of the Reich: Aspects of Copernicus and Galileo in Nazi Germany’s Historiographical and Political Discourse
Argument Focus of this paper is on the historiographical fate of Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei in Nazi Germany. Both played interesting roles in Nazi propaganda and the legitimization ofExpand
Naturalizing the centennial: History, memory, and the limits of human lifespans
Recent studies of centennials focus on explaining the social and political contexts for such commemorations. This paper develops an alternative, naturalistic theory of these long-range anniversaries.Expand
Visualising Holocaust Child-survivors in Canada: From Post-war Humanitarian Campaigns to National Memory
ABSTRACT In 1947, the Canadian Jewish Congress was authorized to bring 1000 young Holocaust survivors to Canada. The government required all newcomers to be placed in foster families. This led theExpand
From flesh to fossils – Nicolaus Steno’s anatomy of the Earth1
Abstract This paper concerns the Danish anatomist Nicolaus Steno’s years in the service of the Medici Court and argues that his studies of the Earth in Canis cacharia dissectum caput from 1667 and DeExpand
Science in National Cultures: The Message of Postage Stamps
Scientists in Britain believe that their work does not receive the recognition that it deserves from the national culture in comparison with continental Europe. Not an easy proposition to test, butExpand
Memory and the history of geographical knowledge: the commemoration of Mungo Park, African explorer
Abstract Memory is the subject of widespread attention in numerous disciplines. In historical studies in particular, a range of work has explored the role of memory and the processes ofExpand
Reinventing Richard Goldschmidt: Reputation, Memory, and Biography
  • M. Dietrich
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Journal of the history of biology
  • 2011
When viewed from the perspective of the biographer, Gould’s revival of Goldschmidt as an evolutionary heretic in the 1970s and 1980s represents a selective reinvention of GoldSchmidt that provides a contrast to other kinds of biographical commemorations by scientists. Expand


  • 1943
Bartmuss Copernicus in der Beurteilung der Reformatoren, G. Hammann La reception de las ideas de Copernic en Cuba