The Convention

  title={The Convention},
  author={Jason Bello and Robert Y. Shapiro},
  journal={AJN, American Journal of Nursing},
The 2008 primary campaigns started earlier than ever before. The focus of the press, pundits, and academics was on how the candidates were going out early to gain support, to raise money, and to build momentum. At the start, and even by late summer (six months after most candidates announced their intentions to run), no commentators?or anyone?spoke or wrote about the rules regarding delegate selection or their implications for the campaign. This is not surprising, given that it has been 80… 
The Role of Justice in Negotiation
A close examination of how the equality principle was applied revealed that agreements based on provisions of equal treatment and/or equal shares were particularly durable.
New Mechanisms for the Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law
  • Daryl A. Mundis
  • Law, Political Science
    American Journal of International Law
  • 2001
The international criminal court (ICC) will serve as a permanent institution dedicated to the enforcement of international humanitarian law sixty days after the sixtieth state has deposited its
The Red and Blue State Divide in Black and White: The Historic 2008 Election of President Barack Obama
Springfield, Illinois on that cold Saturday morning, February 10, 2007, in nearly every circle of thought in most racial and ethnic minority enclaves of America, to say nothing of the majority
The Arctic Game
Since outsiders first visited the Arctic, they have believed in man’s ability to conquer the region. Today’s Arctic conquest is not one of heroic exploration, but rather one of ownership and
DRAFT: NOT TO BE QUOTED OR CITED FOR PUBLICATION The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan: Is China crowding out investment in Pakistan?
China’s emergence as the world’s second largest economy, largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the single largest investor country in Pakistan have raised concernsthat it has
Natural Resources, Sustainability and Humanity: A Comprehensive View
As people begin to take responsibility for the welfare of the earth and no longer see themselves as passive spectators of uncontrollable climatic forces, psychology can offer support and direction.
Food Security and Safety
Times have changed since the days of royal tasters. As our concerns extend to the rest of the kingdom and beyond national borders, we face the critical need to develop increasingly complex policies
The Legal Protection of Forests: Ethiopian Green Legacy vs. International Environmental Regimes
An international forest sustainability treaty is essential to encourage states to work for restoration and minimize the loss of existing forests. However, such a treaty is unlikely despite the many
Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Mesoamerica: environmental and developmental perspectives
Mesoamerica (Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) is a culturally diverse region considered a conservation priority due to its biotic richness
Towards a global drylands observing system: Observational requirements and institutional solutions
A Global Drylands Observing System would provide an integrated, coherent entry point and user interface to a range of underlying information systems, identify and help generate missing information, propose a set of standards for the acquisition, archiving and distribution of data where these are lacking, and promote scientific research in these fields by improving access to data.