The Control Transmutation Method and the Cost of Fast Controls

  title={The Control Transmutation Method and the Cost of Fast Controls},
  author={Luc Miller},
  journal={SIAM J. Control and Optimization},
In this paper, the null controllability in any positive time T of the first-order equation (1) ˙ x(t) = e iθ Ax(t) + Bu(t) (|θ| < π/2 fixed) is deduced from the null controllability in some positive time L of the second-order equation (2) ¨ z(t) = Az(t) + Bv(t). The differential equations (1) and (2) are set in a Banach space, B is an admissible unbounded control operator, and A is a generator of cosine operator function. The control transmutation method explicits the input function u of (1) in… CONTINUE READING

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