The Contribution of Tourists and Visitors to Road Traffic Accidents: A Preliminary Analysis of Trends and Issues for Central Scotland

  title={The Contribution of Tourists and Visitors to Road Traffic Accidents: A Preliminary Analysis of Trends and Issues for Central Scotland},
  author={Linda Walker and Stephen J Page},
  journal={Current Issues in Tourism},
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This paper reviews the literature on road traffic accidents and their role in the mobility of tourists within discernible regions of activity. The paper builds upon knowledge developed in the tourism, transportation and safety science areas of research to illustrate the significance of these issues in relation to tourist well-being, and argues that multidisciplinary perspectives informed by different cognate areas of research combined with interactive research with public sector agencies such… 

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ABSTRACT One of the principal causes of tourist deaths worldwide appears to be road accidents. However, the literature rarely addresses tourist road safety by exploring spatial variations. This paper

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Abstract The objective of this study is the investigation of the effect of tourism on road crashes. For this purpose, police data on road crashes in Greece for the 5-year period of 2011 to 2015 were

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Issues of crime in a destination area affect real and perceived visitor safety; away from rare but high profile incidents such as terrorist attacks, visitor security is more likely to be affected by

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Driving on the unfamiliar side of the road contributes to tourist road accidents and may deter self-driving tourists from travelling to certain countries. Experienced drivers usually drive on

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In this paper, a project of the local sustainability network of schools in the area of Western Attica (Greece) is described. The subject of this project is “Road Safety”, and it was addressed to



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International tourists, motor vehicles and road safety: a review of the literature leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

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It is essential that potential causes of travel-related illness and/or injury are anticipated, and that procedures are established in each state to minimize harm and to deliver appropriate health care if it is required.

Incidence of health crises in tourists visiting Jamaica, west indies, 1998 to 2000.

The information provided by this study can be used to implement changes to reduce health problems in tourists and improve emergency health services in tourist areas.

Perceived Safety as an Important Quality Dimension among Senior Tourists

The discussion of competitive edge in companies is often based on issues of quality and loyalty. Senior tourists are mostly very loyal to tourism companies provided that high-quality services are

Overseas Visitor Deaths in Australia: 1997–2000

Reassuring visitors about their health and safety is particularly important for tourist destinations since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. This study examined the deaths of 1513 overseas

Residence location of drivers involved in fatal crashes.