The Contracting Roots of Human Rights

  title={The Contracting Roots of Human Rights},
  author={Michael Mousseau and Demet Yalcin Mousseau},
  journal={Journal of Peace Research},
  pages={327 - 344}
There is a broad consensus that democracy and economic development are among the key factors that promote better human rights practices in nations, but there is little agreement on how this happens. This article reports evidence that human rights, democracy, and development may all be at least partially explained by a fourth factor: market-contracting. Studies in economic history and sociology have established that in developing countries many exchanges of goods and services occur within social… 
A social science of human rights
Why do governments abuse human rights, and what can be done to deter and reverse abusive practices? This article examines the emerging social science on these two questions. Over the last few
The Social Market Roots of Democratic Peace
  • M. Mousseau
  • Political Science
    International Security
  • 2009
Democracy does not cause peace among nations. Rather, domestic conditions cause both democracy and peace. From 1961 to 2001, democratic nations engaged in numerous fatal conflicts with each other,
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Do pro-market economic reforms drive human rights violations? An empirical assessment, 1981–2006
Liberals argue that economic policy reforms will benefit most in terms of better access to goods, less inflation and better economic opportunities. Critics of market reforms, among them Marxists,
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Democracy and human rights in developing countries
The 1980s saw a wave of democratisation sweeping the globe. Similar transformations were evident in the early 1950s, when modernisation theorists were optimistic about the future of democracy in
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In the past decade, development, democracy, and human rights have become hegemonic political ideals. Regimes that do not at least claim to pursue rapid and sustained economic growth ("development"),
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Economic and Political Explanations of Human Rights Violations
G OVERNMENTS organize police forces and armies to protect their citizens, build schools and hospitals to educate and care for them, and provide financial assistance for the old and unemployed. But
Respect for Human Rights after the End of the Cold War
By directly affecting democratization, globalization, domestic conflict, and interstate conflict, the end of the Cold War was hypothesized to exert an indirect effect on the propensity of governments