The Continuum Limit of the Noncommutative λϕ 4 Model

  title={The Continuum Limit of the Noncommutative $\lambda$ϕ 4 Model},
  author={Wolfgang Bietenholz and Frank Hofheinz and Jun Nishimura},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We present a numerical study of the \lambda \phi^{4} model in three Euclidean dimensions, where the two spatial coordinates are non-commutative (NC). We first show the explicit phase diagram of this model on a lattice. The ordered regime splits into a phase of uniform order and a ``striped phase''. Then we discuss the dispersion relation, which allows us to introduce a dimensionful lattice spacing. Thus we can study a double scaling limit to zero lattice spacing and infinite volume, which keeps… 

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  • Phys.Rev. D
  • 2001