The Constructivist Learning Architecture: A Model of Cognitive Development for Robust Autonomous Robots


Acknowledgements This dissertation would not have been possible without the guidance, patience and brilliance of my amazing dissertation committee. An eternal debt of gratitude goes to Ben Kuipers, whose inspirational words were the genesis of this work; Les Cohen, whose sage and keen insight showed me the value of my own ideas; and Risto Miikkulainen, who showed me the path from cool ideas to compelling science. I also want to thank Bruce Porter and Ray Mooney for their advice and encouragement, and Peter Stone for some great ideas and Stéphane Grappelli. I am ever thankful. It was really Robert Turknett who goaded me into working on this topic, and many of the ideas in this dissertation came from our lofty conversations and heady debates. Rob is my foil, my straight man, and my big brother. Thanks pal. I would have been completely lost in Psychology were it not for Cara Cashon, who was exceptionally nice and patient with me from the moment we met. She has a radiant intellect coupled with a vast heart. I am grateful to count her among my close friends. The UTCS department is full of cool people with big brains, but Ken Stanley, Jeff Provost, and Tal Tversky were my brothers in arms and partners in crime. Each one is a genius and an exceptional human being. Somebody give them a job. I am blessed with the greatest friends a man could have. I couldnʼt have written this dis-sertation without was more than just a distraction from my research, it was nourishment for the other half of my brain. This research might be more complete if it wasnʼt for AMODA, but it would also be duller. Every AMODA volunteer is an inspiration , and I am honored to have worked with them. Thanks for playing museum with me. Dr. Brian Slator was the man who made me serious about going to grad school in the first place, and he has treated me like a son ever since. He, along with Rita, Audrey and Megan, cared for me and made it impossible to imagine a future without my Ph.D. I couldnʼt have lucked into a better councillor or role model, and I hope I grow up to be just like him. Rock on. All these people got me started and helped me along the way. But nobody is more responsible for motivating me to finish than …

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