The Constitution of a Gendered Enemy

  title={The Constitution of a Gendered Enemy},
  author={V. Russo},
Gender is being taken up as an analytical category towards the end of the twentieth century. In a famous 1986 article, the American historian Joan W. Scott defined it as a mode of referring to the social organization of the relation between the sexes, a notion introduced in order to ‘discover the range in sex roles and in sexual symbolism in different societies and periods, to find what meanings they had and how they functioned to maintain the social order or to promote its change’.1 Often the… Expand
‘We Create Minimum Conditions’: survival of the female market vendors of Luanda in the post-war
On the subject of Angola, this text aims to analyse the workflow of female vendors in the informal market of Luanda. The notion of gender and the correlation between gender and conflict will beExpand


Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis
TH1OSE WHO WOULD CODIFY THE MEANINGS OF WORDS fight a losing battle, for words, like the ideas and things they are mneant to signify, have a history. Neither Oxford dons nor the Academie FranUaiseExpand
The Female Man
The Female Man is a suspenseful, surprising and darkly witty chronicle of what happens when Jeannine, Janet, Joanna and Jael - four alternative selves from drastically different realities - meet.Expand