The Constantin-Rao Construction for Binary Assymmetric Error-Correcting Codes

  title={The Constantin-Rao Construction for Binary Assymmetric Error-Correcting Codes},
  author={Robert J. McEliece and Eugene R. Rodemich},
  journal={Information and Control},
Nhtsl kninvn clwwes of binory Crror.corrcctirlg cocks h:lvc Iwcn dcsiyrcd for usc on symnwtric ch:innels, i.e.. chonnels for which the error prob;lbilitit’s I ~ O snd O -+ I are cqu:il. IIowcvcr. in ccrlvin applications (e.g.. LSI memory protection (l{cf. I). optic:lt c~)lllttttltlic:llit>n (Ref. 6)). tlw observed errors :Irc highly :Isynlnwtric. and the uppropriistc ch:lntwl model moy in f:wl Iw the Z-ckrnncl. in which the trwlsilion O I is impossible. Of course any code cap:lble of correcl… CONTINUE READING

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