The Consolidation of Safawid power in Persia

  title={The Consolidation of Safawid power in Persia},
  author={R. Savory},
By his victory over Alwand, the Äq Qoyünlü ruler, at Sharür in 906/1501, Ismaü had in fact broken the power of the Äq Qoyünlü, although resistance was far from being at an end. As an immediate result of his victory, Ismail was master only of Ädharbäyjän. The rest of Persia, and lräq-i Arab, were brought under Safawid control only after ten years of hard fighting (907—916/1501—1510). On 24 Shawwäl 907/2 May 1502 Isma'll left Tabriz for Arzinjän, where Alwand had collected a fresh army after his… Expand
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