The Conservative Mode: Robert A. Millikan and the Twentieth-Century Revolution in Physics

  title={The Conservative Mode: Robert A. Millikan and the Twentieth-Century Revolution in Physics},
  author={Robert Hugh Kargon},
  pages={509 - 526}
  • R. Kargon
  • Published 1 December 1977
  • Physics
  • Isis
O OBERT A. MILLIKAN'S ENTRANCE into the physics profession spanned critical discontinuities. Trained in the methods and theories of classical optics, electromagnetism, and mechanics during the early 1890s, he began his academic career in 1896-1897, a time when the discipline was undergoing changes which dramatically altered its character. The discovery within two years of X-rays, of Becquerel rays (radioactivity), and of a subatomic particle (the electron) initiated a period of ferment within… 
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