The Conquest of the Atlantic [Historical]

  title={The Conquest of the Atlantic [Historical]},
  author={Massimo Guarnieri},
  journal={IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine},
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Published 19 March 2014
  • History, Economics
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
This article describes the history of Internet and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Atlantic. 

Matthew Fontaine Maury: The 19th-Century Forerunner of Big Data [Historical]

  • M. Guarnieri
  • Economics
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2018
Computer speed and web interconnectivity are allowing us to manage and process data at unprecedented levels. In the past two decades, we have discovered new paradigms for extracting valuable

The rise of light

  • M. Guarnieri
  • Physics
    2015 ICOHTEC/IEEE International History of High-Technologies and their Socio-Cultural Contexts Conference (HISTELCON)
  • 2015
This article is inspired by the celebration of the year light in 2015 and regards the long lasting relationship between man and light. Man started using light in prehistoric times and the oldest

The Rise of Light—Discovering Its Secrets [Scanning Our Past]

Their knowledge of light, broadening in time, has increasingly enlightened their understanding of the world the authors live in, and, after all, the comprehension of ourselves.

A Question of Coherence [Historical]

  • M. Guarnieri
  • Physics, Art
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2016
Electromagnetic waves were first postulated by James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) in 1865. To demonstrate their existence 22 years later, Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) had to design new instrumentation

Two Millennia of Light: The Long Path to Maxwell?s Waves [Historical] The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has desi

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies [1]. Those of us who remember the



The Television: From Mechanics to Electronics [Historical]

The possibility of using electricity for transmitting still images was conceived by the prolific Scottish philosopher Alexander Bain.

The Beginning of Electric Energy Transmission: Part One [Historical]

  • M. Guarnieri
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2013
Today, the architecture of electrical networks is evolving. Distributed dc generation from photovoltaic systems and small wind turbines, the possibilities offered by dc energy storage, the spread of

Trailblazers in Solid-State Electronics [Historical]

The first person to investigate solid-state effects was the German physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun. It is little known that the first solid-state devices were made much earlier, even before thermionic

The Age of Vacuum Tubes: Early Devices and the Rise of Radio Communications [Historical]

  • M. Guarnieri
  • History, Physics
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2012
Vacuum tubes exploit the thermionic emission of electrons, which was first observed in 1880 by Thomas Alva Edison (18471931) and his engineers while testing incandescent light bulbs with carbon