The Conditions of Protest Behavior in American Cities

  title={The Conditions of Protest Behavior in American Cities},
  author={Peter K. Eisinger},
  journal={American Political Science Review},
  pages={11 - 28}
  • P. Eisinger
  • Published 1 March 1973
  • Political Science
  • American Political Science Review
This paper is an exploration of various political environmental conditions associated with the incidence of political protest activities directed toward urban institutions, agencies, and officials in 43 American cities. Two preliminary questions are considered first. One deals with making explicit the theoretical linkage between elements in the political environment and political behavior. The other is an attempt to define protest technically and to differentiate it from political violence… 

The Conditions of Racial Violence in American Cities: A Developmental Synthesis

The data suggest the need to reformulate and revise conventional interpretations of the black urban riots by synthesizing and testing a developmental model which implies a curvilinear relationship between the incidence of racial violence on the one hand, and black political development on the other.

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The analysis suggests that the politicization of alternative action organizations depends both on certain internal characteristics such as their degree of formalization and professionalization, as well as their thematic focus, and the scope of their activities, and on the broader context in terms of economic crisis, austerity policies, and political opportunities.

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  • Political Science
    American Political Science Review
  • 1968
The frequent resort to protest activity by relatively powerless groups in recent American politics suggests that protest represents an important aspect of minority group and low income group

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The precipitants and underlying conditions of race riots.


Data is presented on a possible reduction in crime among Negroes in certain cities during periods of organized community action for civil rights in those cities.

Voting Turnout in American Cities

Writing about local elections in 1968, Charles R. Adrian and Charles Press report that, “It is not known whether … state and national voting-population characteristics fit municipal voting, too.”

Deprivation, Mobility, and Orientation Toward Protest of the Urban Poor

AUTHORS’ NOTE: The authors wish to express their appreciation to Greater Cleveland Associated Foundation which funded the larger project of which the research reported in this paper is a part. 0