The Condition Number of the PageRank Problem

  title={The Condition Number of the PageRank Problem},
  author={Sepandar D. Kamvar and Taher H. Haveliwala},
We determine analytically the condition number of the PageR ank problem. Specifically, we prove the following statement: “Let P be ann × n row-stochastic matrix whose diagonal elements Pii = 0. Let c be a real number such that 0 ≤ c < 1. Let E be then × n rank-one row-stochastic matrixE = ev , wheree is the n-vector whose elements are all ei = 1, andv is an n-vector that represents a probability distribution. Define the matrixA = [cP + (1 − c)E] . The problemAx = x has condition numberκ = (1… CONTINUE READING
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