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The Concept of Living Liberation in the Tirumantiram

  title={The Concept of Living Liberation in the Tirumantiram},
  author={Maithili Thayanithy},
ii Dedication iv Acknowledgements v Abbreviations vi A Note on Transliteration vii General Introduction 1 Chapter One 26 Living Liberation –Tamil Legacy Chapter Two 78 The Tirumantiram and Sanskrit Traditions Chapter Three 129 The Synthesis of Tamil and Sanskrit: Yoga, Bhakti and Aṉpu Chapter IV 180 Living liberation and Connotative Language 
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The paper explores the concept of variously conceived transformations associated with figurative transcendence of manifold limitations, referred to in medico-alchemical Tamil Siddha literature. The



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Acknowledgments Note on Transliteration Abbreviations Introduction Part I. Poems, Poets, and Poetics Chapter One Poet, God, and Audience in the Poetry of the Tamil Saints Chapter Two The DevoteeOs

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The concept of vannanpu "violent love" in Tamil Saivism, with special reference to the Periyapuranam

The concept of vannanpu "violent love" in Tamil Saivism, with special reference to the Periyapuranam