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The Concept of I Discourse Community

  title={The Concept of I Discourse Community},
  author={J. Swales},
john Swales is a professor of linguistics and codirector of the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English at the University of Michigan. He received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University and has spent most of his career in linguistics working with nonnative speakers of English on strategies to help them succeed as readers and writers in the university. His publications include English in Today's Research World This excerpt is a chapter of a book Swales wrote called Genre Analysis. In it, he… Expand
‘Complicitous and Contestatory’
In this chapter we describe a discourse framework for understanding the historical development of modern reports into legal education in England and Wales by analysing the textual features of genreExpand
Building, emptying out, or dreaming? Action structures and space in undergraduates’ metaphors of academic writing
The aim of the present study is to bring new momentum into research on students’ understanding of academic writing. Drawing on the idea that metaphors give insight into implicit conceptions ofExpand
Relationships between understanding writing from sources, originality and plagiarism in academic writing of ESL graduate students in science and engineering programs
The actual practice of writing from sources is rarely as straightforward for ESL students as it is usually described and taught. Many factors govern how ESL graduate students appropriate source textsExpand
Abstract: This study is qualitative study and focus on the sociolinguistics which studying language and society of a certain community. The emphasis of this study is discourse community. TheExpand
The Blog is Served: Crossing the ‘Expert/Non-Expert’ Border in a Corpus of Food Blogs
In the last few years, food blogs have increasingly grown in importance, taking the role of “virtual communities” (Blanchard 2004) in which people with common interests in food share information andExpand
Discourse on climate and energy justice: a comparative study of Do It Yourself and Bootstrapped corpora
A descriptive and analytic view of the different stages leading to the constitution of a corpus that is representative of the issues of climate and energy justice and contrasts a more traditional approach to corpus building to web-as-corpus data gathering methods is offered. Expand
This dissertation investigates how English noun-noun (NN) compound properties such as directionality, productivity and semantic interpretation are used by two groups of L1 Spanish L2 English adultsExpand
Mapping Disciplinary Values and Rhetorical Concerns through Language: Writing Instruction in the Performing and Visual Arts.
Via interview data focused on instructor practices and values, this study sought to describe some of what performing and visual arts instructors do at the university level to effectively teachExpand
Schooling across Contexts: The Educational Realities of Old Colony Mennonite Students
This paper narrates the schooling experiences of the Old Colony Mennonites (OCM) across two contexts based on my first-hand observations as a principal in a rural, southwestern Ontario school and onExpand
How Do Law Students Develop Writing Expertise During Summer Internships? An Interview-Based Study
The main findings indicate that students who performed well in the legal writing course eventually served in litigation-based internships, and that legal writing scholars need to better prepare students who are not pursuing litigation careers or who accept non-litigation internships. Expand