The Concept of Evil

  title={The Concept of Evil},
  author={Marc G. Singer},
  pages={185 - 214}
  • M. Singer
  • Published 1 April 2004
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy
Though ‘evil’ is often used loosely as merely the generic opposite of ‘morally good’, used precisely it is the worst possible term of opprobrium available. In this essay it is taken as applying primarily to persons, secondarily to conduct; evil deeds must flow from the volition to do something evil. An evil action is one so horrendously bad that no ordinary decent human being can conceive of doing it, and an evil person is one who knowingly wills or orders such actions. Malignant evil—doing… 
The Manifestation Account of Evil
This article defends a novel definition of evil. An action is evil if (1) a pro-attitude (or complete indifference) towards severe harm to a sentient being is (2) manifested in the action. The
Evil Is in the Eye of the Beholder
It seems like there are countless definitions of evil, and so the goal of this chapter is not a comprehensive and broad survey. Instead, the purpose is to provide the reader with a sense of the
The Problems with Evil
The concept of evil has been an unpopular one in many recent Western political and ethical discourses. One way to justify this neglect is by pointing to the many problems with the concept of evil.
Evils, Wrongs and Dignity: How to Test a Theory of Evil
Evil acts are not merely wrong; they belong to a different moral category. For example, telling a minor lie might be wrong but it is not evil, whereas the worst act of gratuitous torture that you can
Can Kant’s Theory of Radical Evil Be Saved?
Abstract In this article, I assess three contemporary criticisms levelled at Kant’s theory of evil in order to evaluate whether his theory can be saved. Critics argue that Kant does not adequately
Political Evil—Warping the Moral Landscape
  • S. D. Wijze
  • Political Science
    Moral Evil in Practical Ethics
  • 2018
This paper examines a neglected issue within recent philosophical discussions of a secular concept of evil. The notion of ‘political evil’ seeks to explain the profound normative social influence
Evil and Incomprehensibility
Evil actions are morally wrong, but they are not merely morally wrong. You ought not score cheap laughs by embarrassing a friend in public, and you ought not cheat on your income tax, but it is not
Evil and a Worthwhile Life
In this chapter, I examine Peter French’s account of moral evil and his claim that it ought to be understood as a human action that jeopardizes another person’s (or group’s) aspirations to live a
The Good, the Bad, and the Badass: On the Descriptive Adequacy of Kant's Conception of Moral Evil
PA R T 1 O F K A N T ’ S fourpart Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason is entitled, “Concerning the indwelling of the evil principle alongside of the good or Of the radical evil in human
Economic Evil and the Other
The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, it proposes an idiosyncratically economic definition of evil. An agent performs an economically evil action if he intentionally harms (or causes others to