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The Comprehensive Measure of Meaning Psychological and Philosophical Foundations

  title={The Comprehensive Measure of Meaning Psychological and Philosophical Foundations},
  author={Jeffrey Hanson and Tyler J. VanderWeele},
The topic of meaning has been of interest both in philosophy and psychology. The psychology research community has put forward a number of instruments to measure meaning. Considerable debate has taken place within philosophy on the objective versus subjective status of meaning in life and on the global versus individual or personal aspects of meaning. Here, we make use of an emerging consensus in the psychology literature concerning a tripartite structure of meaning as cognitive coherence… 
Psychological well-being as part of the public health debate? Insight into dimensions, interventions, and policy
The empirical evidence regarding differential relationships between all-cause mortality and multiple dimensions of PWB, and individual-level positive psychology interventions aimed at increasing PWB and tested in randomized-controlled trials are reviewed.
How Does the Psychological Well-being (PWB) in the First Year of College Studies Predict Community College Students’ Academic Performance in Hong Kong?
ABSTRACT Research showed that the college environment threatens the mental health development of students. The community college (CC) system is unique and the development of the psychological
Antecedents of purpose in life: Evidence from a lagged exposure-wide analysis
Abstract Potential antecedents to having a sense of purpose in life remain understudied. As researchers begin contemplating purpose as a promising target of public health intervention, it is critical


The three meanings of meaning in life: Distinguishing coherence, purpose, and significance
Despite growing interest in meaning in life, many have voiced their concern over the conceptual refinement of the construct itself. Researchers seem to have two main ways to understand what meaning
Recent Work on the Meaning of Life*
What, if anything, makes a life meaningful? This question is obviously important but has not received much attention from normative theorists. Although there is relatively little philosophical
Measuring Meaning in Life
The present studies addressed the need for a comprehensive, economical, and psychometrically adequate measure of existential meaning. In Study 1, principal-axis factor analysis of participants’
(The Feeling of) Meaning-as-Information
  • Samantha J. HeintzelmanL. King
  • Psychology
    Personality and social psychology review : an official journal of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc
  • 2014
It is demonstrated that manipulations that foster an associative mindset enhance meaning and challenges assumptions about meaning, including its motivational appeal, the roles of expectancies and novelty in this experience, and the notion that meaning is inherently constructed.
Meaning in Life as a Subjective Judgment and a Lived Experience
Abstract Meaning in life has long been recognized as a central dilemma of human life. Inthis article, we review some of the challenges of studying meaning in life fromthe perspective of social
The human quest for meaning : a handbook of psychological research and clinical applications
Contents: R.C. Barnes, Foreword. Introduction. Part I:Theoretical Approaches to Personal Meaning. S.R. Maddi, Creating Meaning Through Making Decisions. E. Klinger, The Search for Meaning in
Meaning in Life as Comprehension, Purpose, and Mattering: Toward Integration and New Research Questions
To advance meaning in life (MIL) research, it is crucial to integrate it with the broader meaning literature, which includes important additional concepts (e.g., meaning frameworks) and principles
Experiencing meaning in life: Optimal functioning at the nexus of well-being, psychopathology, and spirituality.
Meaning in life has been a topic of fertile empirical inquiry for several decades. Over this span of time a large, loosely connected body of research findings has emerged. In this chapter, an
The dimensionality and construct valid measurement of life meaning
This research sought to clarify the construct of life meaning by creating a new, multidimensional measure of life meaning. In an initial study, 392 university undergraduates (317 women, 75 men)