The Complex Interplay Between Multisensory Integration and Perceptual Awareness.

  title={The Complex Interplay Between Multisensory Integration and Perceptual Awareness.},
  author={Ophelia Deroy and Nathan Faivre and Claudia Lunghi and Charles Spence and M{\'a}t{\'e} Aller and Uta Noppeney},
  journal={Multisensory research},
  volume={29 6-7},
The integration of information has been considered a hallmark of human consciousness, as it requires information being globally available via widespread neural interactions. Yet the complex interdependencies between multisensory integration and perceptual awareness, or consciousness, remain to be defined. While perceptual awareness has traditionally been studied in a single sense, in recent years we have witnessed a surge of interest in the role of multisensory integration in perceptual… CONTINUE READING
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