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The Compleat Autocerebroscopist : A Thought-Experiment on Professor Feigl ’ s Mind-Body Identity Thesis

  title={The Compleat Autocerebroscopist : A Thought-Experiment on Professor Feigl ’ s Mind-Body Identity Thesis},
  author={Paul E. Meehl},
Professor Feigl’s mind-body identity thesis, which may be characterized as a daring hypothesis of “empirical metaphysics,” asserts that human raw-feel events are literally and numerically identical with certain physical brain-events. By physical2 events he means, adopting the terminology of Meehl and Sellars (1956), events which can be exhaustively described in a language sufficient to describe everything that exists and happens in a universe devoid of organic life. Given the set of descriptive… 
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A most peculiar paradox
  • P. Meehl
  • Philosophy
    American family physician
  • 1984
The identity view asserts that if an exceptionless regularity holds coordinating g and r to G and R, the role of the former in the whole law system is indistinguishable from that of the latter, so that empirical identity can be asserted, on the usual grounds.
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