The Comparison of Current Ratio <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$I_{\mathrm{\scriptscriptstyle ON}}/I_{\mathrm{\scriptscriptstyle OFF}}$ </tex-math></inline-formula> and Mobility Between SiGe Substrate and GaAs Substrate In<sub>0.23</sub>Ga<sub>0.77</sub>As Channel MOSFETs


This paper mainly describes the comparison of I<sub>ON</sub>/I<sub>OFF</sub> ratio and mobility between SiGe substrate and GaAs substrate In<sub>0.23</sub>Ga<sub>0.77</sub>As channel MOSFETs grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. In order to make the comparison more reasonable, we choose the same size (Lg = 10 &#x03BC;m) for both the SiGe… (More)

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