The Commonwealth and Favored-Nation Usage

  title={The Commonwealth and Favored-Nation Usage},
  author={Robert E. Clute and Robert Renbert Wilson},
  journal={American Journal of International Law},
  pages={455 - 468}
Guidance of development in the British Commonwealth has involved the use of various legal means. In the field of international commercial relations perhaps none has been more striking than the adaptation of the familiar idea of most-favored-nation treatment. 
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Background to M.F.N. Clause in Gatt
Before the First World War, the unconditional most-favoured-nation clause was employed by most of the European countries and Great Britain in their treaties of commerce among themselves.
Volume 52, number 1, March 2006, comprises four essays. Details of the papers can be found in the abstracts. Two papers examine aspects of the Trinidadian socio-cultural reality with Lomarsh
Selected Bibliography
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Preferential Tariffs
Preferential Tariffs


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