The Columbia Anthology of Yuan Drama ed. by C. T. Hsia, Wai-Yee Li, and George Kao (review)

  title={The Columbia Anthology of Yuan Drama ed. by C. T. Hsia, Wai-Yee Li, and George Kao (review)},
  author={David L. Rolston},
  journal={Asian Theatre Journal},
  pages={663 - 671}



C. T. Hsia on Chinese Literature

PrefaceAcknowledgmentsPart I. Chinese Literature in PerspectiveClassical Chinese Literature: Its Reception Today as a Product of Traditional CultureChinese Novels and American Critics: Reflections on

The Revenge of the Orphan of Chao, by Chi Chun-hsiang.

  • Renditions
  • 1978

Literary Translation: A Practical Guide

In this book, both beginning and experienced translators will find pragmatic techniques for dealing with problems of literary translation, whatever the original language. Certain challenges and

Six Yüan plays

Although their Mongol overlords (beginning with the founding of the Yuan dynasty by Kublai Khan in 1280) tyrannized the Chinese in nearly every area of life, the arts enjoyed a new-found freedom. On

Monks, bandits, lovers, and immortals : eleven early Chinese plays

Finding list of northern dramas in this anthology by editions -- Table of dynasties -- Conventions -- Guan Hanqing -- Moving heaven and shaking earth: the injustice to Dou E -- Rescriptor-in-waiting

The Orphan of Zhao and Other Yuan Plays: The Earliest Known Versions

love. It is essential reading for understanding not only Li Qingzhao’s life and works, or what it meant to be a talented woman writer in the Song; it is also equally indispensible for gaining a