The Colour Sense: its Origin and Development An Essay in Comparative Psychology

  title={The Colour Sense: its Origin and Development An Essay in Comparative Psychology},
  author={A. Wallace},
THIS interesting and suggestive work deals with the whole question of colour in nature, and more especially with its manifestations in the organic world anc the complex colour reactions between plants and animals It traces the origin of the colour sense in insects to their visits to primeval flowers in order to feed upon the pollen and in birds to their seeking for fruits, whose seeds they dispersed and whose colours were developed to attract them. It thus attempts to show that the very… Expand
Fruits, foliage and the evolution of primate colour vision.
A review of the evolution of animal colour vision and visual communication signals
From spectral information to animal colour vision: experiments and concepts
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Red-green color vision in three catarrhine primates
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Catarrhine photopigments are optimized for detecting targets against a foliage background.
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