The Collective Power of #MeToo

  title={The Collective Power of \#MeToo},
  author={Sarah Jaffe},
  pages={80 - 87}
Abstract:When the New York Times ran a story about Harvey last year, no one knew what it would start. Now, it feels like a sea change in feminism has come, from a rippling of anger that spread from woman to woman for a thousand reasons that are at once individual and ubiquitous. While #MeToo feels spontaneous, the present moment is built on the work of longtime organizers. Organizing starts with people talking about the conditions of their lives, realizing that they are common, and that they… Expand
Caught in the wave
The reception of the international #MeToo movement in Portugal has been complex and controversial. Issues of injustice regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence were always central to feministExpand
Entangled Feminisms: #MeToo as a Node on the Feminist Mesh
#MeToo and #TiMesUp MoveMenTs must not be treated as isolated social media campaigns against sexual violence, but as a part of a larger feminist network that we will call the Feminist Mesh or theExpand
Sexual Coercion, Gender Construction, and Responsibility for Freedom: A Beauvoirian Account of Me Too
ABSTRACT The Me Too movement has focused mainstream attention on the pervasiveness of sexual coercion in public and private life. The fact that sexual coercion is so widespread suggests that genderExpand
Hashtag Feminism in Romania: #MeToo and Its Effects on Cyberspace Behavior
In the recent years, cyberspace has become an incubator for feminist activism. Cyberfeminism has gained momentum through various online platforms, campaigns, movements, and galvanized women (and – toExpand
Rising Waves of Feminism or Faltering Steps of Criminal Justice – What Plagues India?
Abstract In the recent past, the #MeToo movement has shaken India. A docket of high-flying names, from politicians to celebrities and journalists, have come under scrutiny for alleged sexual abuse ofExpand
Making feminist claims in the post-truth era: the authority of personal experience
The increased visibility of feminism in mainstream culture has recently been noted, with the presence of both online and offline campaigns embedding feminist claims in a variety of everyday spaces.Expand
Feminist Digital Spaces
  • J. McLean
  • Sociology
  • Changing Digital Geographies
  • 2019
In this chapter, McLean examines the trajectories of social and cultural interventions in digital spaces, and their backlashes, to trace emergent lines of multiply located feminist revitalisations.Expand
Feminist Criminology in a Time of ‘Digital Feminism’: Can the #MeToo Movement Create Fundamental Cultural Change?
This chapter focusses on the #MeToo movement which has revealed the stark contrast between women’s experiences of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and the extent of men’s perceived entitlementExpand
#MeToo: (Re)Shaping sexual research pedagogies through a new material autoethnographic analysis
  • A. Underhill
  • Sociology
  • The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality
  • 2021
Historically (and presently), ‘Western’ academic spaces have prioritized certain traits and bodies based on problematic, hierarchical dichotomies. These dichotomies influence ideas around normativityExpand
Freud’s Oedipus Complex in the #MeToo Era: A Discussion of the Validity of Psychoanalysis in Light of Contemporary Research
The Oedipus complex is a child development construct developed by Sigmond Freud that asserts that all children experience sexual desire towards their opposite sex parent, and failure to accept thisExpand