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The Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe: A New Kind of Reality Theory

  title={The Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe: A New Kind of Reality Theory},
  author={Christopher Michael Langan},
Inasmuch as science is observational or perceptual in nature, the goal of providing a scientific model and mechanism for the evolution of complex systems ultimately requires a supporting theory of reality of which perception itself is the model (or theory-to-universe mapping). Where information is the abstract currency of perception, such a theory must incorporate the theory of information while extending the information concept to incorporate reflexive self-processing in order to achieve an… Expand
The Ontology of Christopher Langan ' s Psychical Physics : The Neuropsychology of the Atemporal Recursive Processes – – an empirical framework
Christopher Langan's CTMU offers a new look into an old place: the universe. This theory is both attractive and elusive, a mixture of cosmology and ontology which promises a reunification of whatExpand
The Self-Simulation Hypothesis Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
We modify the simulation hypothesis to a self-simulation hypothesis, where the physical universe, as a strange loop, is a mental self-simulation that might exist as one of a broad class of possibleExpand
DRAFT COPY – NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION Cheating the Millennium : The Mounting Explanatory Debts of Scientific Naturalism 2003
analogues of physical causation are already well-understood. Logically, causality is analogous to implication, an active or passive relationship between antecedents and consequents; theoretically, itExpand
Quantum Unconscious Pre-Space: A Psychoanalytic/Neuroscientific Analysis of the Cognitive Science of Elio Conte–The Hard Problem of Consciousness, New Approaches and Directions
The mathematics, physical and cognitive science of Elio Conte has uncovered essential pieces of form and structural dynamics which are isomorphic across scales, and may be observed in macro-ontologicExpand
The Surjective Monad Theory of Reality: A Qualified Generalization of Reflexive Monism What remains of presence and use in the universal dark (or perhaps, after all, in a too luminous, sight-blinding place), when mirrors are traceless as if without glass, when eyes areExpand
From Economic to Sustainable Development - Unfolding the Concept of Law
The paper presents an analysis of the interrelationship of law, policy and knowledge under conditions of globalization. The paper’s basic premise is that the emergence of the sustainable developmentExpand
Sacred Waters – A Scientific Touch on Sanity and Sanctity
The author stands by the view that science is incomplete and poor when it fails to incorporate and integrate 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd Person Perspective, something that Popper may have also noticed andExpand
Geometric State Sum Models from Quasicrystals
In light of the self-simulation hypothesis, a simple form of implementation of the principle of efficient language is discussed in a self-referential geometric quasicrystalline state sum model inExpand
A theoretical foundation for engineering smart environments through PSV systems
  • A. Langi
  • Engineering
  • International Conference on ICT for Smart Society
  • 2013
Designs of smart environments for smart living require descriptions of a relevant reality in which the smart environments take place. This paper attempts to describe theoretically a suitable virtualExpand
The Reality Self-Simulation Principle: Reality is a Self-Simulation
There must be an ultimate all-inclusive reality or "ontic ground state" that contains and supports whatever reality-simulations may exist, and it is natural to ask whether some aspects of the simulation concept may apply to it. Expand


Information, physics, quantum: the search for links
This report reviews what quantum physics and information theory have to tell us about the age-old question, How come existence? No escape is evident from four conclusions: (1) The world cannot be aExpand
The VNR concise encyclopedia of mathematics
The task was to describe mathematical interrelations as briefly and precisely as possible and to smooth out the access to the specialist literature for as many readers as possible. Expand
History of Western philosophy
''Philosophy' is a word which has been used in many ways, some wider, some narrower. I propose to use it in a very wide sense, which I will now try to explain.' - Bertrand RussellNearly forty yearsExpand
On Formally Undecidable Propositions of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems
This document is a translation of a large part of Gödel’s proof, where the notation used by Gödel has been largely replaced by other notation. Expand
Physics and Metaphysics
IT is no doubt a splendid simplification to express the ninety or more chemical elements in terms of two entities, and of only two, namely, electrons and protons, but those who face squarely theExpand
The Design Inference: Eliminating Chance Through Small Probabilities
This paper presents a meta-analysis of the design inference ofcomplexity theory and its applications in the context of discrete-time reinforcement learning. Expand
The Art of Knowing: Expositions on Free Will and Selected Essays
  • The Art of Knowing: Expositions on Free Will and Selected Essays
  • 2002
Of Trees, Quads, and God
  • Noesis-E
  • 2001
What Brings a World into Being? Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James
  • Commentary
  • 1996
Scientific American Library Information, Physics, Quantum
  • Scientific American Library Information, Physics, Quantum
  • 1990