The Coccidae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of Chile, with descriptions of three new species and transfer of Lecanium resinatum Kieffer & Herbst to the Kerriidae.

  title={The Coccidae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of Chile, with descriptions of three new species and transfer of Lecanium resinatum Kieffer \& Herbst to the Kerriidae.},
  author={Takumasa Kondo and Penny J. Gullan},
Three new species of Coccidae: Cryptinglisia chilensis Kondo & Gullan sp. nov., Pulvinaria drimyswinteri Kondo & Gullan sp. nov., and Stictolecanium cranstoni Kondo & Gullan sp. nov., are described and illustrated. An updated species list and a taxonomic key to the 13 coccid species now known to occur in Chile are provided. Pulvinariella mesembryanthemi (Vallot) is newly recorded for Chile. Lecanium resinatum Kieffer & Herbst, currently known as Coccus resinatus (Kieffer & Herbst), is… 

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Morphological and DNA data were congruent, except for three species (Aspidiotus nerii, Hemiberlesia rapax and Coccus hesperidum) in which DNA data revealed highly differentiated lineages.

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A revision of the Australian pulvinariine soft scales (Insecta: Hemiptera: Coccidae)

The revision introduces new features for the Pulvinariini: submarginal chambered ducts, an unusual type of multilocular pore and some peculiarly shaped dorsal filamentous pores and ventral microducts.

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A systematic and cladistic study of the Neotropical Phenacoccus Cockerell is presented and a total of 18 new species are described and illustrated.

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Se listan un total de 96 especies de Diaspididae descritas de Brasil (73), Argentina (15) y Chile (8), presentandose su lista sinonimica, material Tipo, localizacion del mismo; huespedes conocidos y

The scale insect family Coccidae: an identification manual to genera

A new classification of the soft-scales is introduced based on both male and female characters and keys are provided to the identification of the type species (females) of each genus.

A phylogenetic hypothesis for the Aizoaceae (Caryophyllales) based on four plastid DNA regions.

The study showed that the group consisting of the Sesuvioidesae, Aizooideae, and Tetragonioideae does not form a monophyletic entity, and it cannot be recognized as a separate family in order to accommodate the frequently used concept of the Mesembryanthemaceae or "MesEmbryanthema," in which the subfamilies Mesembaryanthemoideae and Ruschioideae are included.