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The Coca-Cola kid

  title={The Coca-Cola kid},
  author={Frank Moorhouse},
From switchboard operators to Coca-Cola kids: Transformations of the political left in the films of Dušan Makavejev
This article challenges two areas of common preconceptions about Dušan Makavejev's work: firstly, the one that disqualified his later – especially non-Yugoslav – work and secondly, the one that
Tasting colors in the disregarded films of Dušan Makavejev
How can film studies address the work of Dušan Makavejev beyond his films’ critique of ideology and the director's perceived disregard for narrative and visual conventions? This question addresses
El trabajo que desarrolla el productor cumple una funcion esencial en el proceso de generacion de cualquier obra audiovisual. De este modo, en el analisis de cualquier texto audiovisual no se puede
Sex and the Sydney context of Michael Wilding's early fiction
Since his arrival in Australia in 1963 Michael Wilding has been extremely active in academia, publishing and the writing of fiction. He has been industrious and prolific in all spheres. During the
Educational perversion and global neo-liberalism: a Marxist critique.
This paper situates the increasing inequality in and between education, economic and social systems within the policy context of neo-liberal capitalism. Neo-liberal capitalism is a global