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The Coastal Regulation Zone of Goa:Oceanographic, environmental and societal perspectives

  title={The Coastal Regulation Zone of Goa:Oceanographic, environmental and societal perspectives},
  author={Antonio Mascarenhas},
Current developmental trends along the coast of Goa offer an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) legislation. The mandatory ‘No Development Zones’ in proximity to, and as buffers for, ecosystems have sufficient oceanographic and environmental validity to be upheld. However, this instrument is being opposed and misinterpreted. Sectoral practices, partisan policies, unbalanced tourism, and absence of political will have all contributed to the CRZ being… 

Need for setback lines in coastal zone management: A meteorological point of view

Hydrometeorological events are the greatest coastal hazard for the Indian people. The Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification which includes areas likely to be flooded by sea level rise due to

Oceanographic validity of buffer zones for the east coast of India: A hydrometeorological perspective

Relentless hydrometeorological events are the major natural hazards that have afflicted the inhabitants of the east coast. Storm surges have attained a height of 12 m, and provoked sea water invasion

Strategies for coastal ecosystem management in India

  • S. Marale
  • Environmental Science
    Environment, Development and Sustainability
  • 2012
Present paper highlights various coastal issues and management strategies in India for effective environmental management for the sustainable development. The priorities for coastal management were

Miramar (Goa) Beach Management Project: An Oceanographic Evaluation

Miramar beach is a faunal storehouse as 50 macrobenthic species are recorded. About 80% meiobenthic communities and >50% macrobenthic communities inhabit the top 5 cm section of the intertidal zone.

Restoration of sand dunes along human-altered coasts: a scheme for Miramar beach, Goa

I. Goal and Scope: Miramar beach is located along the southern (left) bank of Mandovi River and about 3 km from the capital city of Panjim. A densely populated stretch is found east of Miramar up to

A very unusual ‘groin’, the MV River Princess, Goa, India and its impacts upon tourism

On June 6, 2000, the Merchant Vessel River Princess – dead weight 114,645 tonnes and 261 m in length, grounded on the beach off the Candolim-Sinquerim coast, Goa, India, spilling some 40 tonnes of

Sediment dynamics of tropical open coast beaches, central west coast of India: implications of spatio-temporal variability

Local and regional climatic pressures influence coastal geomorphic systems on different spatial and temporal scales. Within these zones of variation, systems and environmental processes interact.

Development of a low cost remotely operated vehicle for monitoring underwater marine environment

The unprecedented increase in commercial, agricultural, and industrial activities has led to pollution of surface as well as groundwater sources, which includes oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, and



Coastal Environments: An Introduction to the Physical, Ecological and Cultural Systems of Coastlines.

This book discusses waves and wave-Dominated Coasts, sub-Tidal and Beach Ecosystems, management of Coastal Lands and Sediments, and Coastal Hazards.

Coastal zone management imperative for maritime developing nations

Preface B.U. Haq, et al. Part 1: The Conceptual Framework of Integrated Coastal Zone Management. 1. Ecology and Economics: Implications for Integrated Coastal Zone Management S.M. Haq. 2. Integrated

Some observations on the coastal zone management plans of Goa ( unpublished )