The Clown

  title={The Clown},
  author={Michael Bala},
  journal={Jung Journal},
  pages={50 - 71}
  • M. Bala
  • Published 1 January 2010
  • Psychology
  • Jung Journal
Abstract The clown is a historical character with transcultural and transpersonal significance. The clown’s costume, make-up, and antics can be viewed as expressions from a deep archetypal space. As an archetype, the Clown, as an expression of the Trickster, carries and expresses bipolar energies of silliness/seriousness, play/work, hidden/known, creating/destroying, and order/disorder. Culturally and personally the clown serves many functions. One of his functions is as a carrier of the… 

Tennessee Williams's Becoming-Clown

ABSTRACT:A ubiquitous character in Tennessee Williams's dramatic work, the clown has not yet attracted the critical attention it deserves. Often confined to the limits of the late plays, its role as

Teaching Love: Embodying Prophetic Imagination Through Clowning

Abstract Christian religious educators are charged with teaching the practice of loving as Jesus did—transforming broken relationships and enacting radical, life-giving ways of being with and for one

Looking for the clown in the 1980s: the melancholy clients in the Taiwan teahouse and their memories of being a ‘nobody’

ABSTRACT This article analyses the teahouse client’s frustrated love stories and feelings of being a ‘nobody’ through the portrayal of the clown in Taiwan of the 1980s, the heyday of such portrayal

Natural Clowning as Inquiry: An Ecology and Performance Towards a Scholarship of Feeling

This study consists of the practice and research of theatrical clowning and nature as a world view towards a scholarship of feeling. The assumption of this study is that clowning and land

TikTok teens: Turbulent identities for turbulent times

Through the examination of two subcultural fashion trends spawned on the micro-vlogging platform TikTok, this article will consider how the mythic functions of the archetypal ‘clown’ and ‘rebel’ have

Hdidouane: an Algerian clown and a marginalized comic icon

Abstract Algerian popular culture is rich in comedy movies that provided Algerians with an outlet, an escape from the plight of French colonialism after independence in 1962, and Algerian Black

Being a therapeutic clown- an exploration of their lived experiences and well-being

Therapeutic clowning uses humor and play to minimize the stress for patients and their families during hospitalization. This study aims to explore the subjective meaning of therapeutic clowning

Clowning in Zones of Crisis: Treating Laughter as a Serious Matter : An Exploratory Study on Humanitarian Clowns in the Humanitarian Field

This research focuses on the art of clowning as a tool and method of psychosocial support in situations of crisis. As this topic is notably under-addressed in scholarly research, this research aims



The Clown as the Lord of Disorder

“The clown, a human-like being, may dare to challenge the nomos of the gods as did the hero in Greek tragedy; by this he demonstrates that a release from the restrictions of order is, at least,

1000 clowns : more or less : a visual history of the American clown : die Geschichte des amerikanischen Clowns in Bildern : l'histoire en images du clown américain

The clown imagery gathered here ranges from beautiful to touching to funny to just plain disturbing. Find all kinds of clowns, from the most famous to the most obscure, in photographs, film and

Jung on Active Imagination

List of illustrationsList of abbreviations used in notesAcknowledgementsIntroduction11Confrontation with the unconscious212The transcendent function423'The technique of differentiation between the

Individuation and Narcissism: The psychology of self in Jung and Kohut

This book discusses the role of ego and self in Analytical Psychology and Psychoanalysis, as well as some goals of Narcissistic Maturation and their Meaning for the Individuation Process.

A critical dictionary of Jungian analysis

The language of Jung's writings, and of analytical psychology generally, is sometimes difficult to understand. This guide, in dictionary format, combines scholarship and historical accuracy with a

The role of laughter in traditional medicine and its relevance to the clinical setting: healing with ha!

Humor is an important part of the traditional lifestyle in many areas, allowing people to survive in physically challenging environments and situations, as well as used as a device for passing along lessons and traditions through storytelling.

Anatomy of an illness (as perceived by the patient).

  • N. Cousins
  • Medicine
    The New England journal of medicine
  • 1976
Ever since the publication of Adam Smith's much-talked-about Powers of the Mind some months ago, people have written to ask whether his account of my recovery from a supposedly incurable illness1 w...

Waiting for Godot에 나타난 희망의 구조

Being emblematic of our big real world, Waiting for Godot shows how and why people cannot stop hoping until the end of time. If Godot is the one who will provide what the two old tramps, Vladimir and

The Clown's Function