The Clinical Characteristics of New Daily Persistent Headache

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New daily persistent headache (NDPH) is a subtype of chronic daily headache. The literature on NDPH is scant and its true aetiology is unknown. A retrospective chart review was carried out from a computerized database at the Jefferson Headache Centre from August 1997 to May 2000 to identify patients with NDPH using the Silberstein et al. criteria. Forty women and 16 men were identified. Age of onset ranged from 12 to 78 years. The peak age of onset was the second and third decade in women and… 
Features and Management of New Daily Persistent Headache in Developmental-Age Patients
NDPH can be very disabling and correlates with seasonal factors, and although long term pharmacological therapy is recommended, considering the long duration that this headache can have, there are no data supporting the treatment choice.
New Daily Persistent Headache in a Pediatric Population
NDPH is a relatively frequent disorder among pediatric chronic headache patients and the vast majority of these patients experience migrainous headache characteristics and associated symptoms and are highly refractory to treatment-as evidenced by a strong predisposition to medication overuse headache and high rates of failed preventive management.
Prevalence of New Daily Persistent Headache in the General Population. The Akershus Study of Chronic Headache
The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of new daily persistent headache in the general population, and compare the clinical characteristics of NDPH and chronic tension-type headache (CTTH), which were similar, except for the sudden onset in NDPH.
New Daily Persistent Headache in the Paediatric Population
NDPH was more common than chronic tension-type headache in both adolescents overusing and not overusing medication and from the 56 adolescents with NDPH, most did not overuse medications.
New Daily Persistent Headache
Primary new daily persistent headache is a rare disorder of children and adults defined by the onset of daily and unremitting headaches within 3 days of onset lasting 4 hours or more daily. There may
What incites new daily persistent headache in children?
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Time to retire 'New daily persistent headache': Mode of onset of chronic migraine and tension-type headache.
A cohort of patients referred to headache services is consistent with a mode of onset of migraine and tension-type headache which occurs in predisposed individuals, and a fifth improved on preventative medication.
New daily persistent headache: a systematic review on an enigmatic disorder
The current knowledge of epidemiology, clinical features, trigger factors, pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapeutic options of NDPH are described to better understand this enigmatic disorder.
Primary non-continuous new daily persistent headache: Seven cases and proposed diagnostic criteria
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Primary new daily persistent headache (NDPH) is a rare disorder defined by the third edition of the International Headache Society (ICHD-3) as a continuous and unremitting headache. Non-continuous
New daily persistent headache.
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Cluster headache in women: clinical characteristics and comparison with cluster headache in men
The clinical characteristics of cluster headache in women are very similar to those in men, with women developing the disorder at an earlier age of onset and experience more “migrainous symptoms” with cluster headache, especially vomiting.