The Clay Speakership Revisited

  title={The Clay Speakership Revisited},
  author={Randall Strahan and Vincent G. Moscardelli and Moshe Haspel and Richard S. Wike},
  pages={561 - 593}
The speakership of Henry Clay marks an important period in the early development of American politics and political institutions. The "leadership survival" explanation of the Clay speakership, first proposed in James Sterling Young's, The Washington Community, 1800-1828, has enjoyed wide currency and more recently has been incorporated in work by scholars associated with the "new institutionalism" in rational choice theory. In this article we revisit Young's account of the Clay speakership… Expand
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Bind the Republ Together': The National Union and the Struggle for a System of Internal Improve ments
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+ Bill authorizing $30,000 for national survey of roads and canals
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+ Bill fixing the western boundary of the Arkansas territory. Clay position: floor speech
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    + Bill to establish second Bank of the United States (see Remini, Henry Clay, 13 141). Clay position: floor speech