The Claudian Letter I

  title={The Claudian Letter I},
  author={Revilo P. Oliver},
  journal={American Journal of Archaeology},
  pages={249 - 257}
THE statement, generally made without qualification in handbooks of epigraphy' and other manuals,2 that the Emperor Claudius invented the letter I to represent the "intermediate sound between i and u" in such words as maxumus/maximus and lubet/libet is not supported by epigraphic evidence. There is no known inscription in which the Claudian letter is used in this way.3 The statement rests entirely on the inferences which Buecheler4 drew from an admittedly corrupt passage in the text of Velius… 
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The Pronunciation of Syllable Coda m in Classical Latin: A Reassessment of Some Evidence from Latin Grammarians
  • J. Uría
  • Linguistics
    American Journal of Philology
  • 2019
Abstract:This article reviews the text and interpretation of some ancient evidence on the pronunciation of syllable coda m in Latin. Crucial textual emendations are suggested for passages by Annaeus