The Classical

  title={The Classical},
  author={Jon Solomon},
  journal={The Classical Review},
  pages={610 - 611}
  • J. Solomon
  • Published 1 October 2008
  • History
  • The Classical Review
The beginning and μnal portions of this brief book o¶er a description and critique of, and a prescription for understanding, the concept of ‘classical’ in the post-modern period. In between are a series of essays interpreting the application and development of the concept of ‘classical’ from antiquity to the present in Western and contemporary globalised culture. The sixteen short chapters o¶er erudite, thought-provoking essays on various aspects of our intellectual and cultural history and… 
Haydn's Creation as a Musical Response to the Enlightenment
HAYDN’S CREATION AS A MUSICAL RESPONSE TO THE ENLIGHTENMENT Shawn T. Eaton, D.M.A. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2012 Chair: Thomas W. Bolton Important tenets of Enlightenment thought,
Indochina, ‘Greater France’ and the 1931 Colonial Exhibition in Paris: Angkor Wat in Blue, White and Red
In 1931 the newspaper Le Figaro published a special issue of its illustrated magazine to celebrate the newly opened colonial exhibition in Paris. Entitled ‘Scènes de l’époque coloniale’, it showcased
Chasing Hygassos (Anatolia): Settlement under epigraphic evidence
Although the epigraphic records do not attest an exact toponomy to confirm where exactly Hygassos is but rather announce an ethnic, this paper aims to suggest further by chasing the
This article analyses the Roman viticulture in Hasta Regia colony, southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, as an ideal place to model historical and economic conditioning factors of this activity. We
Scalar and tensor perturbations in DHOST bounce cosmology
We investigate the bounce realization in the framework of DHOST cosmology, focusing on the relation with observables. We perform a detailed analysis of the scalar and tensor perturbations during the
On the security of key distribution based on Johnson-Nyquist noise
It is generally that classical electromagnetic protocols cannot establish a secret key between two parties separated by a spacetime region perfectly monitored by an eavesdropper, and noiseless version of the protocol is introduced, having illusory security in the no-wave limit to show that noise and thermodynamics play no essential role.
Post-activation Potentiation: Effects of Different Conditioning Intensities on Measures of Physical Fitness in Male Young Professional Soccer Players
A moderate warm-up intensity (i.e., 80%-1RM back squat) may induce greater PAP, including improvements in jumping, repeated and non-repeated change of direction speed in male soccer players.
Bouncing cosmological isotropic solutions in scalar-tensor gravity
Bouncing non-singular isotropic cosmological solutions are investigated in a simple model of scalar-tensor gravity. New families of such solutions are found and their properties are presented and
Symmetry reductions and new functional separable solutions of nonlinear Klein–Gordon and telegraph type equations
The paper is concerned with different classes of nonlinear Klein–Gordon and telegraph type equations with variable coefficients c(x)utt + d(x)ut = [a(x)ux]x + b(x)ux + p(x) f (u), where f (u) is an