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The Claims of Culture: Equality and Diversity in the Global Era

  title={The Claims of Culture: Equality and Diversity in the Global Era},
  author={Seyla Benhabib},
Preface vii Acknowledgments xv 1. Introduction On the Use and Abuse of Culture 1 2. "Nous" et les "Autres" (We and the Others) Is Universalism Ethnocentric? 24 3. From Redistribution to Recognition? The Paradigm Change of Contemporary Politics 49 4. Multiculturalism and Gendered Citizenship 82 5. Deliberative Democracy and Multicultural Dilemmas 105 6. Who are "We"? Dilemmas of Citizenship in Contemporary Europe 147 7. Conclusion What Lies beyond the Nation-State? 178 Notes 187 Bibliography 215… 
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