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The Civil Rights Act of 1964

  title={The Civil Rights Act of 1964},
  author={Paulette Brown},
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The Symbolic Expression of Black American In Langston Hughes’ Poem ‘’Freedom’s Plow’’
Langston Hughes is a black American poet who strived to express the experiences of Black in the United States. One of his poem is Fredom Plow which utilized through lots symbols that refered to the
Socioeconomic Characteristics, Fertility Norms and the Black-White Fertility Gap in the US
In this article, I examine the large Black / White fertility gap in the US. I question the "compositional argument" according to which differences in socioeconomic characteristics would be the main
Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs): The Relationships Between Organizational Structure, Institutional Commitment to Inclusive Excellence, and CDOs’ Perceptions of Their Performance in Facilitating Transformational Change
The purpose of this qualitative study was to better understand the relationship between the archetypes of vertical structure and chief diversity officers’ (CDOs) perceptions of their performance in
The Revolution Will Be Live: Examining Educational (In)Justice through the Lens of Black Lives Matter
The article explores current sociopolitical implications of race through the lens of Black Lives Matter. In highlighting critical incidents in the movement and connecting to related events of
An Examination of the Emergence of the Queer Figure in North American Culture Using a Queer Marxist Theoretical Framework
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Implementing health reform: improved data collection and the monitoring of health disparities.
How passage of the Affordable Care Act has provided new opportunities to improve data-collection standards for the demographic variables of interest and, as such, a better understanding of the characteristics of populations served by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is discussed.


The Philadelphia Plan: A Study in the Dynamics of Executive Power
In 1941, President Roosevelt issued the first in a series of executive orders designed to help combat employment discrimination by government contractors. These orders were the only fair employment
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    Very recently, EEOC stated that it had " an agency[-]wide focus on sex discrimination and equal pay issues for women 121 This shift to focus on 116
    • Very recently, EEOC stated that it had " an agency[-]wide focus on sex discrimination and equal pay issues for women 121 This shift to focus on 116
    • 2009
    No. Civ.A
    • No. Civ.A
    • 1989
    Eliminating Barriers in Recruitment and Hiring
    • 2. Protecting Immigrant, Migrant and Vulnerable Workers. . . . 3. Addressing Emerging and Developing Issues. . . . 4. Enforcing Equal Pay Laws. . . . 5. Preserving Access to the Legal System. . . . 6. Preventing Harassment through Systematic Enforcement and Targeted Outreach